Thursday, March 12, 2009

Product Review & Update

Well I have food on the brain so I'll go ahead and post the product review first! ;)

We had an oddly chilly day here in TX, so I decided to have a warm bowl of soup for dinner. *insert image of my staring at my pantry shelves trying to figure out what to have....* ;)

I decided on the Light Santa Fe-Style Chicken by Progresso ...

OMG, it was SOOOO yummy! It had huge chunks of chicken and the perfect amount of spice going on. My 4 year old daughter kept asking for bites of the chicken and then of the rice and beans. (see, kid approved!) I love that the soup tasted like something you'd make at home.. you know how sometimes (usually) you open a can of soup and it's super thick and almost syrupy? I personally hate that... anywho, this was perfecto. And for only 1 point per serving, how can you go wrong?!?! Definately 2 spoons up! (uh and no i wasn't paid or bribed to write this.. i just like posting stuff i like because I know i've wasted tons of money on items i thought would be good, but then weren't.... so this is really just sorta.... community service really! ;)

So I think I'm on day 11 now of doing WW. I missed my weigh in on Monday morning because I had a doctor appt. at the same time. Luckily, I had an extra tracker, so I'm just forging ahead and hopefully weigh in will be okay next Monday!

I definately feel like I'm staying on track more and if nothing else, I'm continuing to realize how many points are in the things I'm eating, which is good. It will all pay off... sooner than later, right?! ;)

Have a great night, I'm off to get the kids to bed, then maybe do some Zumba!

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