Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 4

i'm on day 4 of WW and doing okay. i'm sick and feel soooo tired all day long, and find myself getting way too snacky during the day. probably because i'm just sitting around. hopefully i can reel it in a big for the rest of the week before weigh in on Monday. eek!

*mental note: reschedule dr. apt. for after 11 on monday or weigh in on Tues night*

I'm definately more aware of what i'm eating though, which is good.. i'm checking the points on everything before I eat it.... er... when i DO do that, i'm less apt to pick something not so good for me.... when I eat without checking.... THEN calculate the points, it makes me feel a bit ill! ahaha all part of the process though right?!

Now if i could just shake my mystery illness.... i hate hate hate feeling tired and the headaches are not so helpful either. Yesterday I had bloodwork done to figure out what's going on... I'll find out Monday what the results were.

off to figure out what to have for lunch!

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swolsky2 said...

Hope you have a good first wi. Don't worry it does get easier. I found your site on the ww boards. Good job. Keep up the good work. I think I'm the first!