Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Weigh In

Goodness i slacked on the blog... probably cuz i was feeling guilty that i got off track on my weight loss journey.... i spent 2 weeks not tracking and THINKING i was still making good choices. I mean i definately wasn't as out of control as I've been, but the munching and mindless snacking was not so good.

So i skipped last weeks weigh in cuz i just couldn't face the scale, but knew this week i needed to turn things around so I went to my Monday meeting ready to deal.


okay, so that's not TOOOO terrible. i'm okay with it and moving along! it's a new week and so far so good... i'm tracking everything and keeping it as healthful as possible.

while i was shopping for easter goodies for the kids baskets yesterday i was THIS close to buying a package of some sorta chocolatey sugary bag o easter candy for me to eat.... did i mention i went shopping after dropping DD at school and hadn't eaten breakfast yet? I'm a sugar WHORE i swear, but milk chocolate and it's sugary acoutrament make me feel sick... why do i still eat it?! but i digress.... i chose NOT to buy myself a bag of that stuff and instead decided to head over to the pricer good stuff. I snagged a bar of organic dark chocolate w/ sour cherries in it... dark chocolate has far less sugar and so i get my sweet chocolatey fix, but w/o the straight sugar buzz and ickies. I looked at this chocolate as more of something to savor rather than shove in my mouth before i got home and anyone saw me with it... know what i mean?! i ate 3 little squares of the bar in the car and that's it! i savored it.. and it was delish! and guess what? i didn't even feel guilty about it! am i making progress? i still have the rest of the bar... i'm really shocked i didn't mow the whole thing down yesterday... i know how many points are in it and trying to be wise with my yummy treat. ;)

i'm off to plan our easter menu....


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WI - Update

Okay so it's a slightly belated weigh in update, but what can ya do!? ;)

I was SO suprised that I was down another 2 lbs this week! How did that happen with Spring Break going on last week, no tracking, AND going away for the weekend?!

Even though i wasn't tracking, i WAS more aware of what i was shoving in my mouth, so I guess it paid off... hopefully it won't magically show up next week though! ahahha

In total I'm down 6 lbs, but i honestly don't see it at all yet. I don't want to get discouraged though, otherwise I'll fall off the wagon again. So i'm trying to just keep working on good habits and taking it day by day.

I really need to add some exercise into my daily routine, but i'm still fighting my mystery illness, so the fatigue and nausea is just not making me want to work out. I need to find something to do though.... maybe some yoga or something?

okay i'm off to hunt down some cute SIGG bottles for the family.....


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why Clara, WHY?!

Why doesn't she want me to lose weight?

Dang her and those FABULOUSLY lushious looking cupcakes she's always flaunting around!

Today, you know what I find on her blog???? THESE....








*i will NOT bake, i will NOT bake, i will NOT bake*

I know they'll be good too... oh I'm no newbie to miss. cuppycakes..... i stalk her yummies like a 14 year old boy living next to Jessica Simpson... My fav "go to" ones are the Creme Brulee Cupcakes.... dude.... phenomenal is an understatement....

*i will NOT bake, i will NOT bake, i will NOT bake*

Phew... i just had to get that out.... i know miss. cuppycakes doesn't really want me to fail at my weight loss goal, but oh what a temptress she is!!!!! ;)


Weigh In (week 2)

Monday was weigh in day, which I was slightly worried about, since being sick has left me way less than active.... I missed my first weigh in last week because of a dr's apt.

Thankfully, the scale was down! PHEW!
-4 lbs

That's actually for 2 weeks, so that's an average of 2 lbs a week, which is on track for healthy weight loss... blablabla! ;)

Even though it's not a ton, I'm trying to stay positive because I KNOW I won't lose this overnight, but I'm an instant gratification kinda girl and want those baby lbs gone YESTERDAY!

Know that feeling?

I'm hoping this fatigue and nausea pass soon... I'd really like to start the Couch to 5k challenge soon. Pre-kids I ran at night (ALONE) around Boston.... WHAT WAS I THINKING?! I'm looking forward to building up my endurance again, so I can run again.

We shall see....


Thursday, March 12, 2009


if you're anything like me, you're thoroughly confused about which plastics are okay and which are killing our kiddos! I stumbled upon this info that I thought would be handy!

What to look for:
Plastics are classified by their "resin identification code"—a number from #1 to #7 that represents a different type of resin. That number is usually imprinted on the bottom of your container; flip it upside down, and you'll see a recycling triangle with the number in the middle.

Here's a quick breakdown of plastic resin types:
#1 polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PETE)Examples: Disposable soft drink and water bottles

#2 high density polyethylene (HDPE)/Examples: Milk jugs, liquid detergent bottles, shampoo bottles

#3 polyvinyl chloride (V or PVC)Examples: Meat wrap, cooking oil bottles, plumbing pipes

#4 low density polyethylene (LDPE)Examples: Cling wrap, grocery bags, sandwich bags

#5 polypropylene (PP)Examples: Cloudy plastic water bottles, yogurt cups/tubs

#6 polystyrene (PS)Examples: Disposable coffee cups, clam-shell take-out containers

#7 other (plastics invented after 1987; includes polycarbonate, or PC, and polylactide, or PLA, plastics made from renewable resources as well as newer plastics labeled "BPA-Free")Examples: Baby bottles, some reusable water bottles, stain-resistant food-storage containers

What To Buy:
#2 HDPE, #4 LDPE and #5 PP
: These three types of plastic are your best choices. They transmit no known chemicals into your food and they're generally recyclable; #2 is very commonly accepted by municipal recycling programs, but you may have a more difficult time finding someone to recycle your #4 and #5 containers.

#1 PET: Fine for single use and widely accepted by municipal recyclers; avoid reusing #1 water and soda bottles, as they're hard to clean, and because plastic is porous, these bottles absorb flavors and bacteria that you can't get rid of.

PLA: plastics made from renewable resources such as corn, potatoes and sugar cane and anything else with a high starch content; although you can't recycle these plant-based plastics, you can compost them in a municipal composter or in your backyard compost heap.

Plastics to Avoid:
#3 PVC:
Used frequently in cling wraps for meat, PVC contains softeners called phthalates that interfere with hormonal development, and its manufacture and incineration release dioxin, a potent carcinogen and hormone disruptor.

#6 PS: Polystyrene-foam cups and clear plastic take-out containers can leach styrene, a possible human carcinogen, into food.

#7 PC: The only plastic made with bisphenol A, polycarbonate is used in baby bottles, 5-gallon water-cooler bottles and the epoxy linings of tin food cans. Bisphenol A has been linked to a wide variety of problems such as heart disease and obesity.

Product Review & Update

Well I have food on the brain so I'll go ahead and post the product review first! ;)

We had an oddly chilly day here in TX, so I decided to have a warm bowl of soup for dinner. *insert image of my staring at my pantry shelves trying to figure out what to have....* ;)

I decided on the Light Santa Fe-Style Chicken by Progresso ...

OMG, it was SOOOO yummy! It had huge chunks of chicken and the perfect amount of spice going on. My 4 year old daughter kept asking for bites of the chicken and then of the rice and beans. (see, kid approved!) I love that the soup tasted like something you'd make at home.. you know how sometimes (usually) you open a can of soup and it's super thick and almost syrupy? I personally hate that... anywho, this was perfecto. And for only 1 point per serving, how can you go wrong?!?! Definately 2 spoons up! (uh and no i wasn't paid or bribed to write this.. i just like posting stuff i like because I know i've wasted tons of money on items i thought would be good, but then weren't.... so this is really just sorta.... community service really! ;)

So I think I'm on day 11 now of doing WW. I missed my weigh in on Monday morning because I had a doctor appt. at the same time. Luckily, I had an extra tracker, so I'm just forging ahead and hopefully weigh in will be okay next Monday!

I definately feel like I'm staying on track more and if nothing else, I'm continuing to realize how many points are in the things I'm eating, which is good. It will all pay off... sooner than later, right?! ;)

Have a great night, I'm off to get the kids to bed, then maybe do some Zumba!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Etsy find!

how stinkin' adorable is this little loser necklace by matsudabunch over at etsy?!

what a fantastic little gift to give yourself for a goal met, right?!