Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Weigh In

Goodness i slacked on the blog... probably cuz i was feeling guilty that i got off track on my weight loss journey.... i spent 2 weeks not tracking and THINKING i was still making good choices. I mean i definately wasn't as out of control as I've been, but the munching and mindless snacking was not so good.

So i skipped last weeks weigh in cuz i just couldn't face the scale, but knew this week i needed to turn things around so I went to my Monday meeting ready to deal.


okay, so that's not TOOOO terrible. i'm okay with it and moving along! it's a new week and so far so good... i'm tracking everything and keeping it as healthful as possible.

while i was shopping for easter goodies for the kids baskets yesterday i was THIS close to buying a package of some sorta chocolatey sugary bag o easter candy for me to eat.... did i mention i went shopping after dropping DD at school and hadn't eaten breakfast yet? I'm a sugar WHORE i swear, but milk chocolate and it's sugary acoutrament make me feel sick... why do i still eat it?! but i digress.... i chose NOT to buy myself a bag of that stuff and instead decided to head over to the pricer good stuff. I snagged a bar of organic dark chocolate w/ sour cherries in it... dark chocolate has far less sugar and so i get my sweet chocolatey fix, but w/o the straight sugar buzz and ickies. I looked at this chocolate as more of something to savor rather than shove in my mouth before i got home and anyone saw me with it... know what i mean?! i ate 3 little squares of the bar in the car and that's it! i savored it.. and it was delish! and guess what? i didn't even feel guilty about it! am i making progress? i still have the rest of the bar... i'm really shocked i didn't mow the whole thing down yesterday... i know how many points are in it and trying to be wise with my yummy treat. ;)

i'm off to plan our easter menu....


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Jill said...

Hey Lauren - love your blog! Thanks for stopping by to comment - you are too funny! :)